PYTHA 3D CAD is the top choice for joiners, woodworkers, and cabinetmakers in Australia and New Zealand. Represented by Pytha Partners, we offer various ways to help you learn and get support.

We know how important drafting skills are in our industry, so we’ve got you covered with different options:

Already using PYTHA?

We have courses for everyone, from new users to those who want to master manufacturing with PYTHA.

  • New User Online Course
  • PYTHA Workshop Online Course
  • Live Processing Training Course
Knowledge base

With our Technical Services Agreement, you get access to a knowledge base and troubleshooting service.

Inbuilt tutorials

And don’t forget about the tutorials already in PYTHA! Make sure you check out that Help menu in the software. If you can’t find what you need, just give us a shout.

Don’t have PYTHA yet?

We’ve teamed up with TAFE institutions across the country to offer a two-part Introduction to PYTHA course. It runs for 8 weeks, usually one evening per week, and includes a student license while you’re in the course. This is great if you’re working or studying. Since enrollment times vary, just let us know you’re interested, and we’ll connect you with the right TAFE.

Apprentice training

We also work with an RTO in NSW to teach CAD to apprentices, meeting their course tech requirements.

 If you’d like some help, please reach out to us now.