Membership overview

The Interior Fitout Association (formerly ASOFIA) has always supported and engaged a strong membership base and is now building a growing industry community as well. This online community will bring together shop fitters, office fitters, manufacturers, suppliers, specialist contractors, service providers, subcontractors, educational institutions, architects & designers, developers and building owners and apprentices in a space where they can address issues and topics unique to their business, share ideas and strengthen the industry as a whole.

Membership categories are designed to provide specific information, resources and encouragement for all members but also to support larger, national members across a range of platforms.

With the Association already recognised as a truly national body, the new categories allow even greater involvement and engagement between members, regardless of their location, size or speciality.

Each member of the IFA can now choose the most appropriate and targeted level of involvement for their business and reap the rewards. Members can actively make as much of their membership as they want – the more involved, the more you’ll benefit!

Our online community is a ground-breaking platform that will put you in front of people you need to know. You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded members, share information and news, and build networks to take your business objectives further than ever before. Being an IFA member will be a business must-have for the interior fitout industry into the future.

Membership categories

Premium Membership

The Premium membership is so-called because this is the level that offers you the MOST benefit. Premium members will have access to resources, savings and benefits that other members simply will not.

This level of IFA membership will be the benchmark standard for industry professionals and tradespeople who are serious about pursuing excellence in their field and collaborating with similarly motivated members.

As a Premium member, you will be entitled to one membership in the state of your choice. You will be invited to join that state’s community, receive invites to member meetings and special events, you’ll hear about opportunities before other members, and have access to information and assistance not available anywhere else.

All Premium members will be entitled to complimentary New Member Introductions in the popular Interior Fitout Magazine (printed and digital), access in some cases to project reviews or designer features within the magazine and generous discounts to exclusive networking opportunities across the fitout industry.

Premium membership to the IFA opens up pathways for members to have a greater voice in the Association’s community, through increased access to a wider range of savings, discounts and incentives.

Only Premium members will be offered the opportunity to expand into other IFA state communities, growing their profile and generating solid returns at a national level.

National Premium Membership

Eligible Premium members will be invited to invest in a National Premium membership, significantly broadening the range of benefits across five states (NSW, VIC, QLD, SA & WA) and putting your business in front of members around the country. This includes invitations to all activities, special events and meetings, raising your profile considerably throughout the IFA community.

National Premium membership attracts a considerable saving compared to taking out multiple Premium memberships for individual states, as well as the recognition of being a national member of the IFA.

Apprentice Membership

The Apprentice Membership category is a COMPLIMENTARY membership designed to offer apprentices a step up into the industry and to assist them as they navigate their pathway in their chosen field within the interior fitout community. This complimentary membership category is not a full membership of IFA and as such has limited entitlements. Through this special category, apprentices will be able to access industry-specific information and news, attend industry-related events and access to training opportunities.

Student Membership

Our Student Membership category is a COMPLIMENTARY membership classification offering design students an insight into the retail design industry. This complimentary membership category is not a full membership of IFA and as such has limited entitlements. Students members will be offered access to industry-specific information and news, invitations to industry-related events and access to additional training opportunities through this unique membership category.

Membership benefits

Regardless of your level of membership commitment, there is a range of benefits that comes with being part of the IFA community… a community that is building on its professional reputation now more than ever, and will continue to grow and support its members around the country.

All members will have access to:

  • Our Community Platform with additional special member only benefits
  • Exclusively use the Association members logo
  • Members only area of the website and its resources
  • Member only information and alerts
  • Complimentary listing within our annual printed and online industry directory
  • Complimentary digital and printed subscription to our flagship publication, Interior Fitout magazine
  • Complimentary digital and printed subscription to the popular Interior Fitout Awards feature
  • Discounted magazine advertising rates (incremental savings are dependent on membership level)
  • Specially priced digital advertising opportunities within the Association
  • Member only marketing exposure opportunities within our publications
  • Member only newsletters
  • Industry awards programmes recognising excellence in the industry
  • IFA industry contracts
  • Discounted first aid supplies, including kits & PPE
  • Strategic alliances providing HR support & employment law service
  • Debt recovery support
  • Discounted insurances
  • Special vehicle purchase arrangements
  • Corporate airline memberships
  • Accommodation deals

Membership Enquiries

Interested in becoming a member of IFA? Contact the IFA national office on 02 4369 0055 or nationa********@**