The collaboration between Sharpe Fitouts and Site Box Projects has resulted in a fitout project for Camilla, a leading luxury fashion brand, famously known for its creativity, uniqueness, and self-expression. The Camilla boutique store not only reflects the brand’s love for travel but also provides a remarkable shopping experience for customers. With its innovative design elements, and seamless integration of various inspirations, this project stands as a testament to the creativity and expertise of the teams involved.

Sharpe Fitouts recognised the importance of attention to detail in this fitout project due to the numerous elements involved, including custom wall prints, wall moulding inspired by the timeless charm of old-world hotels, bespoke joinery, upholstery work, timber floor with brass inlay, custom mosaic tiles, and custom carpet.

A one-of-a-kind luxury train carriage, the interior of which is wrapped in Camilla’s signature print, adds an unexpected element of fun. Other components include a charming canopy area for kids, embellished curtains, signage, painting, glazing, mirrors, and the irresistible hotel-inspired ‘lobby bar’ cash desk.

The team prioritised meticulousness to guarantee a seamless integration of every aspect of the design.

As one explores the Camilla store, they are greeted with unexpected surprises and hidden elements that leave an indelible impression. Each visit becomes an exciting adventure, as new and delightful aspects of the space are uncovered, creating a sense of wonder and discovery is what truly sets the Camilla store apart. Every detail, no matter how small, contributes to the illusion of stepping into another world.

By carefully considering each detail from the selection of materials and finishes, to the placement of fixtures and displays, the team was able to successfully capture the essence of Camilla’s unique style and values and transform Camilla’s vision into a physical space that resonates with the brand’s identity.

Overall, the shop fitout project for Camilla was successfully completed by Sharpe Fitouts on behalf of Site Box Projects. Throughout the project, the team demonstrated outstanding collaboration and coordination. From initial project planning to final execution, every member worked seamlessly together, ensuring that the project progressed smoothly and efficiently. This cooperative approach allowed for effective problem-solving and effective communication, resulting in a project that exceeds expectations.