Lauren Hooper from WA Sign & Print Management (WASP)

Perth’s vibrant business scene has produced its fair share of remarkable individuals, and among them shines Lauren Hooper, Operations Manager at WA Sign & Print Management, also known as WASP.

With a diverse range of talents and an unwavering dedication to her craft, Lauren has swiftly risen through the ranks, leaving an indelible mark on the signage industry.

Hailing from the beautiful city of Perth, Lauren’s passions extend far beyond the confines of her office. When she’s not spearheading projects at WASP, she can be found competing on the netball court, sweating it out at the gym, or renovating her first home with her partner.

Lauren’s journey at WASP began humbly in 2011 when she joined the company as a receptionist. Little did she know that this would be the first step on a remarkable path towards professional success.

Through her efforts and commitment, she was soon rewarded with promotions that saw her ascend to the positions of Project Manager and Production Manager before landing the role of Operations Manager at age 25.

Transitioning from Receptionist to Project Manager was a pivotal moment in Lauren’s career, and it came with a baptism by fire. “It was a big step… I got a call on a Saturday night that on Monday, I would be handed three land development accounts,” she says.

“I had no senior to ask questions, I had to learn it all myself and looking back I am so grateful I was thrown in the deep end. I believe this has had a big impact on gaining knowledge.

“The Production Manager position saw me take on scheduling, which then provided me with all aspects of managing the business, and then the promotion to Operations Manager.”

Lauren’s passion for her work is evident when she speaks about the diverse and exciting projects she encounters regularly.

“No signage is the same, and it is so rewarding creating and rolling out a new brand, fitout or land development estate.”

Throughout her journey at WASP, Lauren has been fortunate to have encountered several influential figures.

Both Mark Robertson and Edi Bolzicco, Directors of WASP, have played instrumental roles in her development.

“Mark doesn’t stop, his passion for the signage industry is second to none and watching him succeed is my biggest motivation. Edi can talk to anyone, which is one of the biggest win factors in business.”

Another influential figure in Lauren’s life is Nita Davey, with whom she has worked closely at Trilogy Advertising and Marketing for an impressive eight years. Nita stands as a paragon of success in Lauren’s eyes, a role model who embodies the qualities of a thriving businesswoman.

Lauren aspires to follow in her footsteps, harnessing her experiences, talents, and unwavering determination to carve out her own path to success.

What sets Lauren apart is her belief that every challenge holds a solution, not a problem.

This mindset, coupled with her tireless work ethic, has led to several noteworthy achievements over the past year including the Karrinyup Shopping Centre redevelopment in Perth, and implementing the new Work Health and Safety Act legislation to meet Australian standards and become compliant.

“I worked very closely on all 71 plus projects from start to finish and ensuring all fitouts were completed for handover and the grand opening of Karrinyup Shopping Centre.”

WASP Director Mark Robertson, who has closely witnessed Lauren’s meteoric rise within the company, speaks highly of her exceptional qualities. “It became apparent very early on that Lauren was destined for a far greater role in our company,” Mark says.

“Her can-do positive attitude to everything she does, her attention to detail, fostering of client relationships, team building and love of what she does has seen her grow to become our Operations Manager and be a highly-respected and valued member of our team. “Her future here is sure to be very bright like the star she is.”

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