Country Road Bayside VIC

Our joint sustainability journey

At the end of last year, Country Road opened their 14th 5 Star Green Star rated store in Frankston at Bayside Shopping Centre and ONE68 proudly delivered this beautiful sustainable store fitout for the group. This is the 6th Green Star rated store ONE68 has been involved with, having already completed Chadstone, Doncaster and Camberwell, and with the Ballarat and Highpoint stores due for handover soon. Here we’d like to share with you this new era of retail fitout and the positive impact this forward-thinking shop-fitting model is having on our industry…and our planet.

Committed to sustainability

Global GreenTag’s GreenRate certification is a Green Building Council of Australia recognised product rating system designed to meet the requirements of the Green Star ‘Sustainable Products’ credits. All certified products are examined for ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ and confirmed for Building Code compliance.

Last year ONE68 achieved a GreenRate Level C rating from GreenTag for the sustainability of our imported joinery products which are used in Country Road’s 5 Star Green Star rated stores. Based on Full Disclosure of Ingredients, this process reviews in detail Health and Ecotoxicity, and the other Priority Assessment Criteria. It also looks at different aspects of the joinery and its’ make-up at various stages and for various issues including: aspects of resource use (post-consumer recycled and rapidly renewable content), waste reduction, availability of greenhouse and water footprints.

Additionally, ONE68 is committed to continuously improving our Product Stewardship program to ensure that appropriate sustainability frameworks are applied to our fitout fittings and fixtures to achieve sustainability outcomes. We have adopted a clear Sustainability Vision and implemented several recycling practices with regard to the imported joinery we provide. These include: refurbishing products and allowing them to be reused by customers, and the disassembly of products at the end of their lifecycle and reusing their components.

Whilst ONE68 provided our Global GreenTag certified joinery to the Bayside store, there were many other premium sustainable store fittings and fixtures utilised in the fitout made from recycled materials that enabled this store to achieve its’ 5 Star Green Star rating.

Leading the way

The Country Road brand continues to redefine sustainable fashion and design in a bid to become a global leader in sustainability. Part of this commitment is via their store delivery and ONE68 are proud to support this quest not only by being a committed store fitout partner, but through obtaining our own corporate sustainability accreditation for the imported joinery, fittings and fixtures used in these fitouts.

ONE68 are proud to have been involved in the Bayside store project and to have contributed towards this store receiving its’ 5 Star Green Star accreditation for sustainability, signifying the commitment to our planet and heralding a new era in retail fitouts.

Working together towards a sustainable future.

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