Thai Room Adelaide Central – fitout by Total Fitouts

Total Fitouts presents Thai Room, a transformative commercial hospitality fitout nestled in the heart of Adelaide CBD.

Spearheaded by Brett Kelly and Total Fitouts Adelaide Central, the project aimed to metamorphose a vacant commercial tenancy into a haven of luxury and romance.

The interior is dark, moody, mysterious, and draped in captivating dark green and burgundy hues, hand-selected to mirror the restaurant’s commitment to creating a true food destination showcasing traditional Thai food with a contemporary twist.

The comprehensive scope of work included the creation of an enticing entry space, an alluring outdoor seating area, a capacious dining section, clever storage display solutions, a fully functional kitchen, amenities and more.

The in-house commercial interior design team sought to encapsulate the essence of a rich and warm garden with its dark green and burgundy red hues, creating an elegant and mysterious ambience. The ultimate objective was to craft an intimate and cosy atmosphere seamlessly marrying the kitchen and wine room experience.

The exterior of Thai Room, the facade of the commercial hospitality fitout, boasts a dark green exterior adorned with bespoke signage that immediately captures the attention of passers-by.

Upon entering, patrons are welcomed into a waiting area featuring a Venetian plastered archway feature, a recurring motif that is skillfully mirrored throughout the space. Custom signage and a gold accent table contribute to the warm and elegant ambience, providing a prelude to the culinary journey that awaits within.

Brett and his team of skilled fitout experts executed a commercial hospitality fitout of unparalleled quality, characterised by lofty ceilings, handcrafted archways, dark green walls, and a textured exposed stone wall. The centrepiece of the dining area is a custom dark marble bar counter featuring exquisite burgundy tiles, which exude sophistication and command attention. White-covered tables and comfortable seating, complemented by burgundy cushions, seamlessly integrate with the overarching theme.

The dark marble extends throughout the room, offering a striking contrast to the concrete texture beneath, infusing a contemporary flair into the traditional setting.

Commercial Interior Designer Danielle Camerlengo, shared insights into the design elements, stating, “Hanging exposed lighting fixtures, a large lamp at the back of the restaurant, and small table lamps create a captivating and mood-enhancing lighting scheme, adding to the luxurious and moody hospitality fitout. Additional features include a custom burgundy wooden wine glass display cabinet, a restored dark green fireplace, and a grand chandelier that complements the traditional and classy ambience.”

The choice of concrete flooring ensures durability against foot traffic, while the restoration of natural features within the building contributes to a timeless yet modern feel. To complete the immersive experience, carefully placed candles, wine bottles showcased in burgundy wooden cabinetry displays, and strategically positioned plants enhance the rich and warm garden atmosphere, enveloping patrons in an unparalleled dining experience at Thai Room.

Total Fitouts Adelaide Central takes pride in delivering a bespoke commercial hospitality fitout that not only meets the functional requirements of Thai Room but also exceeds expectations by creating an ambience that is a perfect blend of tradition, sophistication, and modernity.

With the completion of this project, Thai Room now stands as a testament to Total Fitouts Adelaide Central’s commitment to excellence in commercial fitouts.

PHOTO – Billie Philips & Manuel Lainas, Lumiant Photography

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