Thinkerbell-Concept Commercial Interiors

In six short years, Thinkerbell, a full-service creative agency, has become globally recognized with three offices across Australia and New Zealand. Concept Commercial Interiors are thrilled to have helped bring their vision to life for the expansion of their Melbourne workspace in Richmond.

Starting with an empty warehouse space, the transformation into an ideation playground was a collaboration between Concept’s workplace specialists and the creative genius of the Thinkerbell team, crafting effortlessly cool and interesting moments throughout the space.

The space overall feels open and collaborative, not taking itself too seriously but catering to all working styles. Entering through a hidden door on the building’s ground floor, visitors are welcomed by an inviting open-plan space in which team members have found their preferred working zone – whether it be on workbenches across from peers, in booths lined with acoustic paneling that cater to focus time or small meetings, or online or on the phone in the confessional booths that cleverly pay homage to those found in a church – lined with carpet and draperies to allow the user privacy in their call.

The industrial setting is creatively played with throughout the space – juxtaposed with generous pops of pink in soft and fluffy textures, and emphasized in detail like the contrasting extension cables and custom workbenches made of plumbing materials by local carpenter-turned-furniture maker Brendan from In the Thick of It.

Throughout the space, there is no doubt which company occupies the space. The branding elements of Thinkerbell are, as you can imagine with a creative agency, at the forefront. Booths lining the back wall mirror the graphic elements of their websites- punchy shapes lined in AcouFelt in custom Thinkerbell colours, while a double-sided sign upon entry encourages the team to “Think”– referring to the strategy arm of the business, and “Tink”, as the multi-disciplinary creatives in the team do.

Meeting rooms punctuated with funky décor encourage a playful culture that fosters creativity, while the moody theatre space transports users to a speakeasy-like atmosphere, acoustically insulated with hot pink AirLay carpet tiles and soft furnishings, that allows Thinkerbell’s Thinkers and Tinkers to review their award-winning campaigns.

A whimsical and practical workspace where their team can harness imagination and productivity, the Thinkerbell Melbourne office understands the needs of its users – crafting zones that work acoustically, creatively, and practically for the whole team.

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