The Baffle Metal Ceiling range consists of three profiles, Streamline, Slim and Simplicity, all of which are fully customisable in many colours and wood look options to help you achieve a unique, modern look.

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SoundScapes® Shapes provide a visually and acoustically pleasing solution to exposed structure and retrofit applications. Adjustable to various heights and angles, SoundScapes Shapes are extremely versatile and easy to install.

SoundScapes Shapes are designed to absorb sound from all sides resulting in highly effective noise control in areas such busy retail environments.

​Available in a variety of colours and shapes, SoundScapes Shapes not only absorb unwanted noise but also significantly reduce reverberation time and enhance speech intelligibility. A welcome feature in areas such as restaurants and coffee shops.

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Buy direct from the manufacturer and save.
Big River Group is a plywood and building materials manufacturer that specialises in decorative and structural plywood. Our engineered Australian Hoop Pine Plywood is simply beautiful to work with. Visit our website for details and a brochure, or to request a competitive quote.


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